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At Account On Fullerton, the most important task we do is support you in making your business successful. When you  grow, we grow with you. Email us at for more info.

Account on Fullerton opened in 1997 and has been offering business and bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses since then.

We at AOF help you with all aspects of running a profitable business. We help you achieve your goals through free advice to keep you on track. Your goals may be to own a home; own other property; save for retirement; start a business; grow your business; buy up competition; or simply buy an existing business.

Account On Fullerton

We Work With Clients In and Away From North Bay

Account on Fullerton is located in North Bay, Ontario, but you do not need to be local in order for us to manage your accounting and taxes. We deal with deployed military members, students who travel home for the summer, and people who’ve moved all over North America and Europe. We are still able to represent you to Canada Revenue Agency regardless of where you live.

One Scaling Monthly Charge, No Setup Fees

Call us today to make an appointment for a free consultation – we charge one monthly rate, subject to the amount of work you require.

We are fully computerized and charge no setup fees.

Document Pickup and Delivery

We do pickup and delivery to your location once per week, and can deliver your payroll, HST and worker’s comp payments (included in your monthly fee).

Account On Fullerton’s Services:

Financial Statements:

Balance sheet
Monthly income statements
Year-to-date income statements
Review accounts payable
Review accounts receivable


Payroll deduction reporting
HST reporting
Benefit plans
Family responsibility
Gas tax (IFTA)


Records of employment
T4s and summary
T4As and summary
T5s and summary
Track vacation pay
Track holidays


Daily, weekly or monthly recording
Cash register payouts

Accounts Payable:

Pay your bills
Track your purchases

Accounts Receivable:

Invoice clients
We do NOT collect accounts


Manage and maintain all business records, files and important information in one place for safekeeping until year end.

Other Services:

Loans and Lines of Credit
Track Credit Cards
Business Startup Forms
T5018 Subcontractors
Bank Reconciliation

More Information: